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AMVETS carries on the tradition with Rolling to Remember

Tim Chambers, also know as "The Saluting Marine", appeared at several posts in Ohio and at the AMVETS Department of Ohio's Mid-Winter Conference promoting Rolling to Remember.

Rolling to Remember is a massive motorcycle demonstration that takes place in the nation’s capital over Memorial Day Weekend to raise awareness of the plight of U.S. prisoners of war and the 82,000 service members still missing in action. Rolling To Remember was previously known as Rolling Thunder and Chambers has participated in the event for 19 of those years, saluting for more than four hours as the bikes flow past him each Memorial Day.

AMVETS is carrying the 32-year tradition into its 33rd year and beyond.

The 2020 demonstration will inform and call for action to combat the national suicide epidemic taking the lives of more than 20 military veterans a day. After the organization that ran the first 32 demonstrations announced it would no longer hold this vital event, AMVETS pledged to continue the tradition.

In close partnership with several other patriotic organizations, AMVETS is organizing what is expected to be the United States' largest pro-veterans, patriotic demonstration of 2020 and the world’s largest one-day motorcycle event.

Three days of meaningful events in Washington, culminating with the motorcycle ride May 24, will be specifically focused on raising awareness of the issues impacting our warriors, their families and their survivors.

Events are scheduled to begin May 22. A special “Blessing of the Bikes” ceremony will take place at the Washington National Cathedral and a nighttime vigil at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial May 22. A stage will be active on the steps of the famed Lincoln Memorial from early Friday afternoon through Sunday, featuring personal accounts of these issues, notable speakers, Gold Star families and entertainment.

The message will be clear throughout: we will never forget our POWs and MIAs, and we won’t stop fighting for real solutions to the suicide crisis.

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